BMW Z4 Experience
The latest masterpiece from BMW, the all-new BMW Z4 Roadster, fuses the heritage, tradition, passion and brilliance of BMW into this iconic automobile.

Expanding on BMW Z4 – An Expression of Joy – Lite, Artificial Life brings you BMW Z4 Experience, which maximizes the enjoyment of navigating this amazing vehicle through four unique mini-games:

- Driving experience: Players can practice their driving skills through five intense obstacle courses.
- Navigation experience: A classic traveling salesman style puzzle game challenging players through 30 brain teasing levels.
- Art experience: A brand new approach to creating splatter art paintings while driving the Z4 Roadster on a canvas.
- Free driving: Players can create works of art by using their tires as a paintbrush that creates “brushstrokes” in many colors.
Game Features
- Brand new interface with user-friendly controls and menu navigation.
- 360° view of the new BMW Z4 Roadster modeled to exact BMW specifications using full 3D Computer-Aided Design.
- Configurable hardtop, paintwork and rims on a highly detailed 3D rendition of the BMW Z4.
- Authentic symphony of dynamic BMW Z4 sound effects.
- Entirely new game play combining drawing and driving into one amazing experience.
- Four mini-games offering experiences in creating artwork, driving and navigation.
- Excellent graphics featuring outdoor tracks in the Countryside, Seaside, Alpine Trail and more!
- Multiple camera views and control options that allows for an unparalleled virtual BMW Z4 experience.
- Save all artwork creations to share with friends using Facebook Connect.
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