Turn the tables on menacing vermin! They’ve been “bugging” you for long enough, so now it’s time to show them who’s boss! Squish, drag or split them apart for a quick death–or take your time and perform careful dissections! Hold them at your mercy, making sure they feel your wrath as you become the ultimate VERMINATOR™!

Game Features:
- Persistent and intelligent vermin that can endure prolonged torture
- Extremely lifelike big cockroaches, babies and eggs to “hunt”
- Track down the vermin using the touch screen and accelerometer, and drag off different body parts using the multi-touch feature
- Make them tremble by shaking your device or blowing into the mic
- Torment the bug by dragging it around or if you are feeling nice, give it a quick death by tapping
- 10 challenging stages with specific tasks to complete
- Unleash your rage and kill freely in bonus stages
- Super realistic, insanely disgusting and highly entertaining crunching, squishing, and oozing sound effects to accompany the “kill”!
- Upload scores and share progress with friends on social networking sites
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