Artificial Life brings the exciting world of the iDroidsMania™ to the iPhone and iPod touch!

You are an iDroid! More specifically, HAXX, the rural farmer from iDroidAbama with a heart of steel…and copper.

With a beloved wife and more BabyBots than a Droidas Brothers concert, HAXX has the perfect life…until a stress-free Saturday is interrupted by the abduction of his entire family! Now it is your job to follow the trail of your kidnapped wife and children while fighting, swinging, and fueling through iDroidOpia, where peril is behind every turn…next to the oil refuelery.

So lock, load, and activate Anti-Virus as you embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

iDroids Game Features:
- Search the city for your wife and BabyBots and rescue them from BAD RAMM and his deranged posse.
- Find your way out of the maze-like Socket City and climb deep down to The Sewer to find your missing BabyBots.
- Use advanced pieces of robot weaponry to shoot, vaporize, and grapple hook your enemies including the Zapper, Goo Shield, Stealth Suit, and many more!
- Achieve high scores to upgrade HAXX’s efficiency and unleash the power of the Lightning Blaster!
- Swing across the deepest canyons using HAXX's grappling hook.
- Use tools and disguises wisely to creep past your foes unharmed.
- Prepare yourself for unexpected attacks and adapt your gear to different climates and environments!
- Engage in three high-skilled yet amusing boss battles and defeat BAD RAMM once and for all!
Embark on 11 exciting missions through the highs and lows of iDroidOpia including iDroidic Ocean, The Sewers, Socket City and The Dirty Socket District in this old school platform style game that delivers up a whole new school pack of fun!
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