In Meowcenaries, you control an elite squad of combat kittens as they try to rescue the president from the maniacal evil cat Evilcat and his Badkatz soldiers. Guide your platoon through over 20 punishing levels of action, dispatching enemy cats from wherever they emerge, rescuing hostages, and capturing or destroying Evilcat’s strongholds.

Gameplay is a mix of action and strategy—you must decide the best course through the sprawling environments and which objectives to tackle first. As you progress your cats gain combat experience, making them shoot farther and more accurately. Should one of your feline killers take a bullet you can replay the mission to keep leveling your team undisturbed. Evilcat must be stopped. The time for yarn balls is over. Good luck!

- 20 levels + two secret levels of realistic cat on cat violence
- New levels and weapons not in the original web version
- Four environments - Jungle, Desert, Snow, and Volcano
- Dual stick touch control and weapon selection
- Local and Facebook friends leaderboards
- Listen to your own music while playing from the iPod app
- Customize your team by naming the cats in your squad
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