Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition
Celebrate the season by slicing into Santa and his helpers to save Christmas in this follow-up to Adult Swim Games' Amateur Surgeon. Set 10 years after the original, Alan Probe is now a hot-shot surgeon zooming around the globe in his own private jet. An unfortunate mid-air collision with a flying reindeer crash-lands him at the North Pole and he's the only one qualified to operate on the wounded. With a steady hand, a palette of do-it-yourself tools from the elves' workshop, and a little luck Santa will be on time to make his rounds this year.
- Five levels of holiday operating fun
- Perform DIY surgery on an elf, a yeti, and Santa Claus himself
- Use the tools from Santa's shop to resuscitate your patients
- Touch screen to choose instruments
- Slide finger to make incisions
- Rub screen to cauterize wounds and apply healing Pixie Dust, etc.
- Zoom in for better precision
- Save Christmas!
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