Opus-M™ Health: Neurodermatitis
Opus-M™ Health: Neurodermatitis (Opus-M™ Health: Nd) is an electronic diary and monitoring tool for patients suffering from lichen simplex chronicus (neurodermatitis), a serious skin disorder. Create entries using your iPhone/iPod/iPad camera to easily keep track of neurodermatitis-related information (e.g. pain, itching, redness and weep) with photos*. Opus-M™ Health: Neurodermatitis’s slideshow feature allows you to see your condition and healing process over time. All user entries will be saved and used to generate simple yet informative graph visualizations.
Features include:
- Simple and easy-to-use data input for photo & text entries
- Slideshow function to show your healing process over time
- An interactive graph to track and visualize measurements
- PDF summaries of data that can be exported to your computer via iTunes sharing
- Ability to share records with doctors/caregivers via email
- Health tips on skin care to minimize the effects of neurodermatitis
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